Professional Bearing Replacement Tool

  • Replace external BB / Press fit BB bearings and cups directly and easily
  • Recommended for cycling shop or repair center use
  • Compatible to the following bottom bracket systems
  • BSA BB bearing replacement for Shimano/SRAM/all system
  • Press Fit BB Bearings replacement for all system
  • Interlock BB bearing replacement for CEMA
  • BB30 bearing replacement for FSA/SPACELINE BB30/BBright BB30
  • Press Fit/ Interlock BB Cup remove for all system
  • External BB Cup protection for Shimano/FSA/SRAM external thread

  • Picture Parts List CEMA PN. Picture Parts List CEMA PN. Picture Parts List CEMA PN. Picture Parts List CEMA PN.
    External Bearing Cup SRC-TT-B006C-2 Bearing Removal Ring 30mm SRC-TT-B006C-9 Gasket SRC-TT-B006C-7 Hex Wrench SRC-TT-B006-15
    Extractor Tube SRC-TT-B006C-3 Bearing Removal Ring For SRAM SRC-TT-B006C-10 Thread Screw SRC-TT-B006-14 Nut SRC-TT-B014-01
    24mm x 25 mm
    22mm x 30 mm
    24mm x 30 mm
    Spacer – ID48mm SRC-TT-B006C-11 BB Adapter for BS SRC-TT-B014-2      
    Bearing Removal Ring 24mm SRC-TT-B006C-8 Spacer – ID52mm SRC-TT-B006C-12 BB Adapter for PF30 SRC-TT-B015-1