Derailleur Pulley

CEMA SRC JW Series derailleur pully are come with G5 Si3N4 Ceramic Ball and made to guide the chain in its ideal line, performing smooth and precise shifting.
JW Series derailleur pulley provide PA66+GF and aluminum 7075 T6 option to rider.
You can enjoy quiet and comfortable with our PA66+GF Enhanced pulley.
Also you can choice aluminum derailleur pulley set with very low friction, smoother shifts and a quieter drivetrain.


  • Compatible with all Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed series.
  • Gear teeth option: 11T or 12T
  • Bearing option: Stainless Steel, Stainless Ceramic or Full Ceramic Bearing.
  • Wheel material option: Aluminum 7075 T6 fully CNC made or PA66+GF Enhanced.

CEMA PN. Gear teeth Material Bearing Color
SRC-JW-B001 11T Aluminum 7075 T6 Stainless Ceramic
SRC-JW-B001-CF Full Ceramic
SRC-JW-B001-SS Stainless Steel
SRC-JW-R001 Stainless Ceramic
SRC-JW-R001-CF Full Ceramic
SRC-JW-R001-SS Stainless Steel
SRC-JW-G001 Stainless Ceramic
SRC-JW-PR01 11T PA66+GF Enhanced Stainless Ceramic
SRC-JW-PR01-CF Full Ceramic
SRC-JW-PR01-SS Stainless Steel
SRC-JW-PR02 12T Stainless Ceramic
SRC-JW-PR02-CF Full Ceramic
SRC-JW-PR02-SS Stainless Steel